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+86-755- 84808900-804

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Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture:

For the development of the customers and the society, service integration with high addedvalue, high quality, high customer satisfaction solution..

Enterprise target:

Will always follow the world latest tape information, gathered the best technical staff,to become the leader China gluing with producers.

Do remember the law:

Have a moral lofty view, do a good law-abiding citizens.

People oriented:

Respect for personality, etiquette treatment.

Customers first.

In order to solve the problem to solve the customer happy, proud to meet the needs of customers.

The team cooperation:

The use of personal wisdom, mutual trust, cooperation, give full play to the teamorganization.

Improve the performance:

Honesty, respect personality principle, continuous innovation, improve and improve performance.

Update technology:

Always learning new technology, and constantly create new market.

E-mail: mona.wu@ hookloop.com.cn

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