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+86-755- 84808900-804

Address: Po Road, Union Village, Longgang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen Sixth Industrial Zone, Guangdong, No. 54

Contact: Mona Wu 13927439717
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Three letter Textile Co., Ltd. Shenzhen ---------- Professional  ( cro ) manufacturer.

Companies established in the spring of 1998 , continued expansion of business during the research and production base established in late 2000 Ribbon Factory in Longgang Winsor sixth industrial zone, now has a professional staff of more than 200 production techniques , the larger global nylon  ( one ) , adhesive tape, tied with wire , all kinds of special tape, ribbon , elastic bands , rope and other production companies. --- we have semi-automatic and fully automated production process, most of the production machinery and equipment imports of textile machines from Switzerland , the main line of the production process follows several basic  product program first is the raw material of nylon yarn loom weaving machines caused by the germ band shape, high temperature dyeing equipment with the semi- stained embryos into a variety of colors.  suede belt is dyed the color of the embryo in the device by raising machine with a suede brush the surface of the embryo color from Curly then after sizing stereotypes, hook  is to dye good Nigeria imports monofilament surface of the embryo pulp stereotypes hooked after the cut surface of the embryo with a hook machine give proper uniform cut monofilament embryo is formed with a hook with sticky , and finally , as amended by the volume of imports of equipment given points . and roll back into the desired variety of widths and then cut off the desired length boxing management : since the beginning we continue to introduce advanced management system and continuously improve the technical quality of the staff and European advanced textile equipment to ensure quality of the products we produce the raw materials used and the basic technology has adopted advanced technology and experience in the industry in Taiwan and Japan , all the raw materials and dyes used in all international ( EU standard ) approved , low toxicity ( excluding six toxic quality ) ( excluding Azo) standard , in recent years we have improved the quality of services and marketing chain , the product has made some plays force in the country and exported to East / West Asia, Europe and America , quality and price are our main advantages .

Textile raw materials industry in recent years show significant momentum in the development of foreign enterprises to China as a major sourcing center of textile raw material , is a huge market in the future of the fastest growing global market and stepped up the speed . We also continue to improve their competitiveness to more progress, updates, various product , launched in the domestic market business. In terms of sales --- We think we need to build more powerful and stable sales and service system, strengthen market information and market operations closely linked to the relationship , and through more effective advertising investment, achieve brand penetration purposes. In addition, after-sales service , we offer customer satisfaction and needs more immediate feedback into improving our quality of service by the customer , to ensure that our customers trust status.

"Creativity , wonderful day ." We will continue to strive for continuous improvement , creating the best service system, and invite you to give us more guidance.

E-mail: mona.wu@ hookloop.com.cn

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